Written on
June 13, 2023

Engineering Firm Takes Steps To Reduce Its Environmental Footprint

Engineering Firm Reduces Environmental Footprint

A leading process engineering firm in the North East is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint by launching two new green initiatives.

Northern Engineering Solutions has recently introduced a recycling scheme at its headquarters in North Shields, resulting in the company cutting its general waste by more than 50% in the first month. An in-house composting programme is also currently being trialled. Both initiatives are spearheaded by Lucy Davey - an Environmental Science graduate from Northumbria University. 

Simon Taylor, Director of Northern Engineering Solutions, said: "As a company, we understand we have a critical role to play in the nation's road to net zero. The Government has set some ambitious targets, and we can all help by collectively taking action. The changes we have implemented are just the start."  

In the coming months, the company will introduce its first ESG Strategy, putting practical actions in place for areas including carbon reduction, sustainable procurement, and CSR.

Northern Engineering Solutions' drive to protect the environment extends to its client projects. In 2019, the company received funding from The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) to work on new ways of recycling waste aircraft oils and lubricants within the RAF. This resulted in the development of a solution that effectively degrades diverse hydrocarbon wastes, leaving minimal residue and creating an opportunity for a net zero carbon process. The team is now scaling the technology for deployment across military and international relief operations.

Mr Taylor added: "We are proud to be at the forefront of developing and deploying technologies that will positively impact the environment. In addition to the project for DASA, we have delivered process engineering solutions for many other organisations creating innovative solutions designed to better our planet."

Previous projects include designing and building containerised effluent treatment plants for the African continent and a turnkey gas delivery system for producing sustainable and ethical diamonds in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

The firm specialises in mechanical, electrical and process engineering (MEP) solutions, with a particular focus on high and ultra-high-purity process pipework, effluent treatment systems, and cleanrooms. Clients include Pragmatic, CPI, Sterling Pharma, and De La Rue.