Process Pipework Services

Delivering turnkey process piping solutions to connect your production environment.

Process piping systems are the lifeblood of any industrial and manufacturing facility, transporting fluids and gasses to key process tools. Ensuring the integrity of these systems is critical to achieving and maintaining high levels of operational efficiency.

We offer unmatched expertise in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining complex process pipework across diverse sectors. Our skilled team of qualified and time-served engineers possess up-to-date industry accreditations and design knowledge.

High and Ultra-High-Purity Pipework

Engineering high and ultra-high-purity piping systems with precision.

In environments where the cleanliness of the product is key, there is no room for error. High and Ultra-High-Purity pipework systems need to be both strong and reliable. 

Our in-house team has experience fabricating and installing process pipework to deliver high and ultra-high-purity gasses used to manufacture semiconductors and biopharmaceuticals. This requires careful attention to detail. 

Orbital Welding 

Achieving the perfect weld time after time for bulk or ultra-high purity process systems.

Achieving high levels of safety and quality with manual welding techniques can sometimes be difficult. Orbital welding offers enhanced productivity by ensuring consistent, high-accuracy welds. It can be the ideal option for unique situations where space constraints, restricted access, challenging environmental conditions, or poor visibility prevail.  

We specialise in high-precision orbital welding, particularly for bulk or ultra-high purity process gas systems. Our team of fitters and welders have over 40 years of expertise in single-wall and dual-contained systems.

Stainless Steel Welding

Providing professional prefabricated pipe solutions for industries across the UK. 

Ever-tighter project timescales, cost pressures and strict health and safety requirements are all reasons to consider the off-site fabrication of process pipework. 

From our workshop in North Shields, we can prefabricate large quantity batches of pipework. We will do this using either your spool drawings or our own onsite measurements. Our Lloyd's coded welders are experienced in mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium using MIG and TIG. 

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High and Ultra-High-Purity Pipework

Orbital Welding

Stainless Steel Welding

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

A collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

What is orbital welding?

Orbital welding is a specialist form of welding where the arc is rotated mechanically through 360 degrees around a piece of material, such as a pipe. It is a computer-controlled process that’s used for high-quality, repeatable welds.

What are the benefits of orbital welding?

There are several benefits to orbital welding.

  • Increased Productivity - Compared to manual welding, orbital welding equipment offers an easy way to reliably repeat the weld sequences.
  • Consistent Weld Quality - Once the parameters are set, you can repeat the weld cycle with high precision and consistency.
  • Improved Safety - Welders are able remove themselves from the workspace and monitor the process from a safe distance.
  • Environmental Conditions - Orbital welding can be performed under harsh environmental conditions and in instances with restricted or poor visibility. You can use video transmission to monitor the weld. 

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