3D Engineering Design

Streamlining the engineering design process using industry-leading 3D software.

Flat 2D drawings can make it challenging to visualise the final design. They also aren't as effective at identifying potential risks that can hinder a project's progress in the build phase. 3D modelling software helps achieve an accurate built-to-scale representation of a project. This enables more informed decision-making upfront and eradicates costly errors further down the line. 

Our in-house design team are skilled in using 3D mechanical design (AutoCAD Inventor) and BIM modelling software (Autodesk Revit) to create detailed visualisations for engineering projects of all scales. We can also develop simulated fly-throughs for use on Virtual Reality headsets.

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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

A collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

What 3D modelling software do you use?

We use a combination of AutoCAD Inventor and Autodesk Revit in-house. Our team also has experience in using AutoCAD MEP for designing HVAC and building systems.

What are the benefits of using 3D modelling?

There are several key benefits to using 3D modelling software in designing mechanical, electrical and process engineering solutions. 3D modelling software can:

  • Make visualisation of the final solution easier when compared to 2D drawing
  • Enable you to make more informed design choices by viewing a built-to-scale representation of the project
  • Help you catch potential issues in the design process and make revisions before the build phase
  • Save you both time and money in the long run

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