Cleanroom Design and Construction

Designing, building and maintaining complex cleanrooms across the science and technology sectors.

Constructing an effective and efficient cleanroom comes with unique challenges. It involves numerous parts, people, materials, and design considerations. Harnessing our expertise, we offer a complete turnkey design and installation service. Our future-facing mindset also means you can be one step ahead when it comes to maintenance and modifications.

Cleanroom Design

Applying our comprehensive expertise from the outset to find the best technical solutions for your needs and budget. 

Controlled environments consist of highly specialised and complex services, such as HVAC, electrical, and monitoring systems. Our building services engineers work with you to find the optimal layout for your planned operations. Airflow, temperature and humidity are all factors that must be considered upfront.

We use our advanced 3D modelling and BIM platforms to help you visualise the end solution and identify any modifications required before construction begins. 

Cleanroom Construction

Taking care of every little detail in the construction of your cleanroom.

Building works, mechanical services, and electrical services. We've got it covered. You'll have a single point of contact from start to finish. Meaning it will be much easier for you to track project progress and how your money is being spent.

Our installation engineers are professionally trained in constructing controlled environments and laboratories. They are supported onsite by approved subcontractors for specialist services.

Cleanroom Maintenance and Modification

Minimising downtime and reducing running costs with proactive maintenance programmes.

The commissioning of your new cleanroom signals the start of a longer-term relationship. 

We can support you with proactive maintenance services that ensure the ongoing success of your facilities. This can also include larger-scale modifications.

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Cleanroom Design

Cleanroom Construction

Cleanroom Maintenance and Modification

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

A collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Why get help building a cleanroom?

The construction of a cleanroom is a complex process. It involves numerous people, parts, materials, and design considerations. Engaging with an experienced contractor, such as Northern Engineering Solutions, alleviates the stress. We partner with you to manage the build from the initial design stage to the handover.

What factors impact the cost of a cleanroom?

The cost of a cleanroom can vary dramatically depending on its size, application and compliance requirements. For example, cleaner spaces with more air changes per hour (ACH)  may require expanded HVAC and design considerations. This can up the cost. 

The temperature and humidity that needs to be maintained within the controlled environment also have cost implications. Working out the cost of a cleanroom involves a detailed scoping session to understand your needs.  

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